Workshop at Doha’s Tasmeem Festival

Workshop at Doha’s Tasmeem Festival

Tegan Bristow, Lecturer and Head of Interactive Media in the Wits Digital Arts Division was recently invited to run a playful media workshop at the Tasmeem Festival run by the Virginia Commonwealth University in Doha, Qatar in  the Middle East.

Bristow’s workshop was titled MarionetteKINECT,  a playful workshop that explores entry level digital interactivity with the XBOX Kinect sensor,  in making live body double puppets in a digital space. The workshop ran over a period of the week, in which Bristow worked with both Faculty and students in developing both an understanding of body as interface and finally the production of live interactive Kinect puppets.

Pre-digital work, body as interface. Students from Richmond and Doha campus’s of VCU.

Exhibition day, public exhibition of all workshop outcomes.

VCU Doha student showing off her piece on exhibition day.

For more on the MarionetteKINECT workshop visit Bristow’s post on the process here.

More on the Tasmeem Festival: mages here are from the Tasmeem Festival in Doha, Qatar with the Virginia Commonwealth University where I ran the easier version in one full day and two morning sessions.