Masters in Digital Arts, Interactive Media and Creative Technology



* Please note that as of 2017 Master in Interactive Media is no longer being offered as a coursework programme.  Rather candidates interested in following a Masters track in Interactive Media and Creative Technology can apply for a Masters by Dissertation and Creative Work, which will be supported by a series of short courses. These short courses offer candidates a choice learning technical skills in coding, working with sensors and electronics to enhance their own practice and research.


The Masters in Interactive Digital Media and Creative Technology focuses on interactive digital media, digital creativity, user-centered design and digital technology practices.

This Masters is ideal for candidates from arts and design backgrounds who wish to engage with the creative possibilities of interactive digital technologies; AND for candidates from engineering, science and technology backgrounds who wish to develop user-centered design approaches or engage technology from the perspective of culture and creativity. Graduates from the program will find employment in the fields of interactive and online media – in research, strategy and development in the ICT industry, advertising, marketing, mobile media, arts and creative practice and education.



This Masters offered both full-time and part-time. In order to apply you must have an Honours Degree or an equivalent 4-year undergraduate degree (NQF Level 8). Applicants with averages above 65% are favoured. For applicants with professional histories; prior and professional learning is taken into account.

Application’s must include: relevant educational documentation, CV, portfolio of work and a letter of motivation showing why the applicant is specifically interested in a Masters Degree in Interactive Media and Creative Technology. Shortlisted applicants are interviewed before acceptance.

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Tel: +27 (11) 717 4604


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