Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television (BAFT)

Overview of Undergraduate Film and Television

The four-year BAFT degree in Film and Television includes a 2-year foundational programme, which requires students to take two general ACADEMIC courses, along with the two obligatory PROFESSIONAL courses offered in the Film and Television division.


The core PROFESSIONAL courses in first and second year are:

Image Creation 1 & 2  

These courses impart an understanding of the crafts, techniques and processes of film and television production – i.e. with a focus on practical creative skills.

Visual Storytelling  1 & 2  

These courses explore the techniques of writing, interpreting and previsualising stories for film and television, as well as looking at the theory and history of the moving image –i.e with a focus on conceptual skills

The ACADEMIC courses in first and second year are:

  • Film Visual and Performing Arts (FVPA) in the first year, followed by Drama and Film 2 in the second year. These are obligatory theoretical courses.


  • A general BA course/s (e.g. Philosophy, African Literature, Psychology, Anthropology, Media Studies). Students can choose which course(s) to take.



In the third and fourth years, students are able to select from a range of courses to suit their interests:

The ELECTIVES include:

  • Directing Fiction
  • Documentary  Filmmaking
  • Music Video Research Project
  • Sound Design & Studio Production
  • Cinematography and Postproduction
  • Digital Animation and Digital Art theory
  • Experimental Film
  • Fact/Fiction: Blurring the Boundary
  • Creative Arts Management
  • Scriptwriting (various options)

For enquiries about the BAFT degree, please phone Kgomotso Motsamai on 011 717 9749/8 or email: 


  • Matric with University exemption, and the required points on the Wits rating system.
  • Admission process includes an interview or audition.
  • Successful completion of Audition and Interview

For closing dates and auditions, please contact student liaison officer at Wits School of Arts:
Hamisha Bhana, 011- 7174656,
or at the Film & TV reception: Kgomotso Motsamai, 011-717 9749


For this information regarding the degree courses please check with the Fees Office at (011)7171531. 

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