The Division of Fine Arts is vibrantly interdisciplinary, combining technical training in artistic production with high levels of conceptual and creative thinking. The Department is situated in the cultural centre of Johannesburg, itself, the art centre of the country which hosts numerous major national and international exhibitions.

The Fine Arts division takes its location in Johannesburg seriously.  As as a result there is an exciting series of site specific components to the course as well as a dynamic exhibitions program that consistently looks beyond the boom gates of the academy. This combined with the rigorous studio based program as well as academic excellence, gives students a range of options to explore and critically play with.


Postgraduate Registrations Open

Postgraduate registration for January 2015 now open until 30 November 2014 (SA) and 31 October 2014 (International).




Renegotiating the Street: An Exercise

The Point of Order and Jarrett Erasmus presents Renegotiating The Street, in fulfillment of a Master in Art in Fine Art The project interrogates discrete but connected areas: the street and the gallery, in two events in Johannesburg 14.01.2017 – 7pm – 29 Benbow Street, Troyeville, Johannesburg 16.01.2017 – 6pm – The Point of Order, cnr Bertha and Stiemens streets, Braamfontein Erasmus elaborates on the motivation behind Renegotiating The Street: “Through an engagement with exhibition making I intend to explore what happens when these spaces start  to cross over into each other, when the work becomes removed from its conventional setting and what happens to the people of these spaces, and how do they function when this kind of intervention takes place?” For additional information please email :


[NEWWORK 16] GradShow   adj. Assembled into or viewed as a whole. Of, relating to, characteristic of, or made by a number of people acting as a group. An undertaking set up on the principles or system of collectivism. collective disagreement assent dissent In light of the student protests it did not feel appropriate to simply continue to follow the blueprint of the previous Newwork shows. As a collective there were moments where we felt that having a graduate show would not be possible and that canceling it altogether would be necessary. We felt that the protests had to be taken into consideration with regard to what a graduate show implies. The graduate show marks a break, an end-point with the university whereas in reality the situation is much more fluid, messy and unresolved. This iteration of the Newwork graduate show is what we thought would speak back to this current socio-political moment within tertiary education. We tried to reflect the urgency and instability of the current moment both in the form of the catalogue and the exhibition; undoing the singular opening night and a catalogue that documents individual works within a collective. We have instead tried to produce a catalogue that focuses on the collective tensions and congruencies in the group; a reality for any graduate class. The show hopes to address the issues of who the curriculum is aimed at and designed by; its political orientation and its geographical relevance; and the current ideological crisis which stands around us. While this exhibition is a break from previous Newwork shows, this is merely our reflection of the moment...

MA in Fine Art

Masters of Arts in Fine Art Application Information Deadline for applicants who are intending to apply for Merit awards*: 20th October. Extended deadline: 15 November The MA in Fine Arts program at the Wits School of Arts is a program defined by research and artistic practice, thought from the contexts of the contemporary South African University. Within the research component of the program we offer a structured series of critical engagements through workshops, seminars and reading groups that the student selects from according to their interests and reflect the diversity of artistic approaches of the Division. Themes that can be studied within these include but are not limited to Spatial and performative practices, public art, site-specificity; Language, Sound, Translation; Experimental and documentary arts; Decolonization; and the Curatorial. Such workshops, seminars, or reading groups will be run by different staff members during the first semester of the year and feed into the writing of a more formal proposal and thesis, as well as artistic practice over the 2 years. For the application you would need to prepare the following documents and a short proposal that outlines your field of interest for research and practice during your MA. This is just an initial proposal and only needs to outline a direction for the practice and research. However, it is important to see practice and the research as connected. MA Application requirements – A personal motivation reflecting why you want to apply for an MA degree, how this relates to your personal trajectory and history. How this will develop your artistic or other creative practice. (250 – 500 words) – A proposal...

A Last Thursday Conversation

Join the finalists of the Wits Young Artist Award 2016 A Last Thursday Conversation | 6 for 6:30pm | The Point of Order Finalists Mikyla  Bhoopal Simnikiwe Buhlungu Dineo  Diphofa Simone Le Roux Malebona  Maphutse Boitumelo  Motau Sabica Pardesi Chris Soal Stephanie  Thurman Maynoon Wu Maren Du Plessis Gemma Hart For more information about the award click...


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