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Masters of Arts in Fine Art

Application Information

Deadline for applicants who are intending to apply for Merit awards*: 20th October.

Extended deadline: 15 November

The MA in Fine Arts program at the Wits School of Arts is a program defined by research and artistic practice, thought from the contexts of the contemporary South African University. Within the research component of the program we offer a structured series of critical engagements through workshops, seminars and reading groups that the student selects from according to their interests and reflect the diversity of artistic approaches of the Division. Themes that can be studied within these include but are not limited to Spatial and performative practices, public art, site-specificity; Language, Sound, Translation; Experimental and documentary arts; Decolonization; and the Curatorial.

Such workshops, seminars, or reading groups will be run by different staff members during the first semester of the year and feed into the writing of a more formal proposal and thesis, as well as artistic practice over the 2 years.

For the application you would need to prepare the following documents and a short proposal that outlines your field of interest for research and practice during your MA. This is just an initial proposal and only needs to outline a direction for the practice and research. However, it is important to see practice and the research as connected.

MA Application requirements

– A personal motivation reflecting why you want to apply for an MA degree, how this relates to your personal trajectory and history. How this will develop your artistic or other creative practice. (250 – 500 words)

– A proposal for the MA by Research: this should encompass an area of research you would like to pursue, highlighting several research themes. It should reflect a direction for both your practice during the MA and a written research component. (500 – 650 words)

– A CV or artist’s resume, reflecting professional experience, exhibitions, projects and education

– Two referees: names, institutional affiliations and contact details

– Basic portfolio of 10 images. These images could take the form of film stills or link to a website (or for video formats a Vimeo or youtube link). This can be submitted in a digital format such as a flash drive etc. Your portfolio of work should reflect your practice up to now.

Please Note: if your application is reviewed positively we may still require an interview, preferably in person, but this can be arranged by skype or telephonically.

Please send these materials to

For any further information please mail Juan Orrantia or Dorothee Kreutzfeldt

*Please note the deadline for applying for awards is the 30th of October. Follow this find link for applications and information:


  1. I am a Zambian seeking to pursue a MA in Fine Arts. I would like to learn more on how to go about applying and the modes of study available for me.

    • Dear Manelele,

      Thank you for the enquiry. The application deadline for MA slots has already passed. I will however make an enquiry about late applications for you.


      • Dear! Reshma,
        I mean to find out the period when the application will be open for 2018 academic year so that i start preparing for the process and requirements. I would also like to find out how many semisters are in a year for Block Release Students.


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