Renegotiating the Street: An Exercise

Renegotiating the Street: An Exercise

The Point of Order and Jarrett Erasmus presents Renegotiating The Street, in fulfillment of a Master in Art in Fine Art

The project interrogates discrete but connected areas: the street and the gallery, in two events in Johannesburg

14.01.2017 – 7pm – 29 Benbow Street, Troyeville, Johannesburg

16.01.2017 – 6pm – The Point of Order, cnr Bertha and Stiemens streets, Braamfontein

Erasmus elaborates on the motivation behind Renegotiating The Street:

“Through an engagement with exhibition making I intend to explore what happens when these spaces start  to cross over into each other, when the work becomes removed
from its conventional setting and what happens to the people of these spaces, and how do they function when this kind of intervention takes place?”

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