Bettina Malcomess


Room 315, Third Floor, WSOA Building
Telephone+27 (11) 717

Bettina Malcomess works across disciplines as a writer, curator and artist. She lives between the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, teaching at several institutions and across the disciplines of art, design and architecture. She is currently running the Honours Theory program at Wits School of the Arts (Johannesburg). She also teaches at the Michaelis Schools of Fine Art and UCT School of Architecture in Cape Town. Her work is performative, interdisciplinary and collaborative, engaging with public space and site-specificity. In 2010 working with architects and artists, Malcomess produced the ‘Millennium Bar’, a temporary installation in public sites that interacted with the Soccer World Cup. She co-curated the group show ‘Us’ with Simon Njami at the Johannesburg Art Gallery (2009), and ‘Us- part II’ at the South African National Gallery (2010). She has worked on several collaborative, curatorial and developmental projects with the Joubert Park Project, based at the Drill Hall in inner city Johannesburg, setting up the Keleketla! Library with Ra Hlasane at the Drill Hall. Malcomess is a member of the collective

Doing it for Daddy (winners of Spier Contemporary Art Award in 2007). Malcomess has written for several artist catalogues, as well as consistently for South African art publications, including Sue Williamson’s South African Art Now. In 2010 she was awarded a joint fellowship with performance artist Peter Van Heerden at the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (Cape Town). They produced a site-specific performance titled ‘Monument’ at the Castle of Good Hope. Malcomess works in performance under the name Anne Historical.