Applications Now Open to Study Music at Wits



What will I study in a Wits Bachelor of Music (BMus) Degree?

The Wits BMus is an exploratory degree, in which you will have four years of mastering your instrument or training your voice, both solo and in ensembles, as well as training in various types of music theory, composition, studio work and exposure to a wide variety of music in your academic courses. In the third and fourth year you will also work on collaborative projects with other artists, have your compositions performed and study the music business in the South African context. For more information visit our Digital Music Prospectus here.


All applications to study at Wits are done online. Get in touch with the Student Enrollment Centre (SEnC) here . Once you have applied you will receive a letter telling you to get in touch with the Music Department for an audition. At this point you can email us at or call 011 717 4663.

Closing Date

The closing date for applications for 2017 is 30 September. The application process involves completing forms and submitting documents and can take some time, so apply as soon as possible.


Your audition has three parts to it, a music theory assessment, a performance and an interview. In the written theory assessment we want to see how much theory you know and this alone does not exclude you from the selection process. A sample theory test can be found here. For the performance you will play or sing two pieces of music that you are confident performing and two Music staff members will assess your level of performance and readiness for university training. The details about what to perform and how will be communicated to you when you get in touch with us about booking, but any preliminary questions can be directed to In the interview, the same two staff members will have a discussion with you about the Wits degree and your expectations and career ideas, this is to ensure that you and Wits Music are a good fit. If all goes well you may be offered a place in the first year, and if the performance goes well but your theory knowledge is incomplete you may be offered a place in the Foundation year. For more information on the Foundation phase visit the page on curriculum in our Digital Prospectus here.

Skype auditions can be arranged for candidates from outside of the province.

Provisional Acceptance

Once your application has been accepted and your audition has gone well you will get a letter that offers you a provisional acceptance. All offers are provisional until your matric marks are published and meet the criteria of 60% and above for English and APS points of 34. Please use the Wits APS points calculator on the SEnC webpage. This calculator offers various bonus points.


There are fixed dates for the auditions and you will have a limited set of options. Auditions are held on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.


Audition information:

Audition booking: 011 717 4663

Curriculum information: 011 717 4616


Do I need to have studied music at School?

No, many of our successful candidates have not taken music as a subject at school.

Do I need graded music exams?

No, we assess all candidates with our own theory test.

Do I have to play an instrument?

To study music at Wits you have to have some ability to play an instrument or sing at a high level and with some formal training. Formal training can be one on one lessons, music as a school subject, serious work with choirs, community-based music programmes, and in some cases you may have been performing for years and learnt as you go. We do not train people from the very beginning of their study.

Is the BMus an Honours degree?

The BMus is a four-year professional degree, or an Honours equivalent.

Is the BMus internationally recognized?


Can vocalists apply?

Yes, studying voice is of equal value as studying an instrument.

Jazz and Classical?

The practical study of music at Wits is run in two streams, classical and jazz. Many of our jazz students are also RnB, gospel, hip-hop and pop musicians. In this case the jazz curriculum provides a solid foundation for their future professional lives. Classical students have typically gone through graded exams though some have just had consistent training for some time.

Financial Aid?

Click HERE for more information on financial aid at Wits.